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<< [ DAVID MACKLER ] Team Leader

Senior - Lead Structural Engineer

David has been the lead designer of the physical structure of the Mars Deployable Greenhouse. Through extensive use of mechanical, structural, and engineering skills, he has managed to develop the ideas of the team into a feasible design. Pro/Engineer has been an invaluable, if not unforgiving, tool in this process. David has also done extensive work on the orbital mechanics and landing systems.


Senior - Orbital and Landing Mechanics Engineer

Pablo has worked meticulously on the orbital mechanics of the incoming spacecraft and its landing maneuvers. By carefully researching and learning, Pablo has been able to determine the necessary engines, parachutes, and other transit components.


Senior - Hydroponics and Fluid Systems Engineer

Leslie has been the sole Hydroponics and Fluid Systems specialist. She has worked vigorously and with clear determination to design feasible and satisfactory hydroponic bays. Using her knowledge of crop properties and the help of other team members, Leslie was able to design the bi-level growing bays that will hold the growing crops. She also worked intensively to properly design the piping system that will carrying the vital water supply to the plants and circulate it around the bays.


Senior - Computer Network System Specialist

The shear complexity of the CERES mission requires an extensive computer network system. Will has worked tirelessly to develop a sufficient computer network that will be able to handle the large amounts of data moving from point to point. With many contacts in a wide range of production companies, Will has been able to obtain cutting edge, yet tested, component information that will be invaluable to the mission. He has organized the Logic, and Systems, designs for the network and has managed to adapt the new technology to the time-standard systems already proven.


Senior - Lighting Specialist

One of the most important factors in the CERES mission is to keep the crops alive. Besides water, the lighting in the growth compartments must be designed sufficiently to achieve optimal results. Jennifer has done lengthy research into viable lightning systems. Various design schemes included lamps and wavelength-specific LEDs.


Senior - Environmental Controls and Sensors Specialist

Steve has been able to efficiently design the various components that are required to maintain a human-accessible habitat in the greenhouse. By obtaining the necessary information from the various subsystems, Steve is also able to perform a complex thermal analysis on the structure. He has also been involved in the selection and development of an efficient sensor data collection system.